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Filippo Brunelleschi was born in 1377, in Florence, Italy. Brunelleschi spent most of his life in Florence, Italy. Brunelleschi's training was that he was employed in the silk guild as a goldsmith and he was also entered as a master in the goldsmith guild. These two experiences helped him craft his skills. Brunelleschi worked in guilds when he was young and then later on in his life he spent most of his life working on architecture building churches and buildings. Brunelleschi mainly worked on architecture, a few examples of his work are the Florence (Duomo) Cathedral and the Pazzi Chapel. His patrons were the Medici family, Andrea Pazzi, and Scolari.

The Work

The name of the work is the Florence Cathedral and it was created during 1420-1436. It also is located in Florence, Tuscany and you can see it there today. Whats significant about this piece is that the Duomo is the first of its kind, it s the biggest dome made out of bricks. I find this interesting because I really like the design of the building and I think its cool how big the dome is. The Florence Cathedral is an example of Individualism because this building shows how talented Brunelleschi was as an architect and it showcases his skills.
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