While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced in their Heads...

Miss Diana: December Recap

Thanks for coming to our Christmas Party!

What a fabulous time we had at Just Kid'n Around for our 3rd annual Christmas Party! We had a very special guest stop in to say "Ho Ho Ho" and ask all the little kids what they wanted for Christmas. Smiles from ear to ear!

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Scholastic Ordering Deadline: Sunday January 12

Please help us earn free books for our classroom! For every order, we get a free book! Thanks so much - our kiddos are loving the new stories! The book below is just $1.00!

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Happy Birthday To:

Peyton: January 4

While visions of sugarplums danced in their heads!

I always love the excitement and busy-ness in the classroom in December. Everyone is very invested in all the projects and imaginative play really increases. I see more working together, planning, invitations and inclusions, creative solutions, scissor use, writing interest, story telling interest, and a spirit of giving just to name a few. All of this growth crammed into a few short weeks!

I want to thank everyone for the help and support I received during this month! I love having you in the classroom and your teacher gifts were so thoughtful! In the flurry of activity that accompanied those days I forgot to make a list of who gave me what so please forgive my lack of thank you notes and know that you are appreciated deep in my heart!

January and February can kind of lull after the excitement of December, but never fear we have an awesome plan! The second week of January will be our annual Ice Castle week. We are hoping you can help us out by freezing ice in many different sizes and shapes of containers for us to build castles with. See photo:

We use pipettes, liquid water color, rock salt, table salt and our imaginations to create these terrific sculptures.

We will also explore penguins, snow, snow globes, and whatever else interests us.

We will segue into February with the ice age and becoming paleontologists. We have a very interesting dinosaur unit planned.

In the meantime, it would really be helpful to practice with scissors at home. Many preschoolers do not get much scissor time in their homes like they used to. We use the terminology "thumb in the small hole" and "thumb on top with the alligator chomp going away from your body." Also encouraging kiddos to hold crayons and pencils "the school way" in the tri-pod grip with the pencil resting in the "pencil pocket." (resting against the thumb joint in the pocket made by the pincer grasp.)

We do not take time to do Alphabet flashcards in the classroom but this can be helpful at home in preparing for Kindergarten.

Thank you for allowing me to work with your preschooler. I look forward to continuing a great year of discovery and growth!

Happy New Year!

Miss Diana

Our busy little elves...

Working those fine motor muscles in the gift wrapping department.

More fine motor work with our personal gingerbread people.

The baking team with gingerbread playdough.

Taking care of babies while the elves are at work.

Toy assembly and repair department.

Game assembly department, (they really put together a brand new game all by themselves! Notice the directions on the table under Katelynn's arm)

Accounting department estimating costs.

Santa making a pick up to prepare for delivery.

Bringing some color mixing to the classroom by gathering the snow from outside.

Wow! Look at those colors! Using pipettes to distribute colors is tricky. Nice work!

A creative compromise.

Kids: "I need a red nose to be Rudolph. I can't find one."

Teacher: "I don't have one. What can we do?"

Kids: "I can cut a ball like a clown. Where is a red ball?"

Teacher: "I don't have one."

Kids: (noticing the supplies at the gift wrap station) "What about that red bow?"

Teacher: "But don't we need them on our presents?"

Kids: "You can use them after we are done."

Teacher: "Sounds like a good plan."

Creating family Christmas gifts.

Party day! Making our own jingle bell bracelets.

Our own gingerbread man cookies!

What a tasty, fun-filled day!