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james Doolittle

Jimmy Doolittle

James Harold 'Jimmy' Doolittle was an American aviation Pionner. Doolittle served as a commissioned officer in the united states. Army Air Forces during the second world war and was awarded the medal of honor.

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-He was born : in December 14 1896 - died: in September 27 1993 -buried: Arlington National cemetery, Virginia united states.- battles and war : world war 2, cold war, koren war, Doolittle Raid.

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James H. Doolittle in full name James Harold by name Jimmy Doolittle (Born in December 14 1896. Alameda ,Calif . Us - Died in September 27 1993 pebble beach Calif ) American aviator and Army General who led an air raid on Tokyo and other Japanese cities four months Atfer the Japanese Attcak on pearl Harbors.
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