Making Buffalo Green

Ways with Water


Water is a big part of our lives. So we should watch what we do when we use water. Whether its drinking water, the faucet, the toilet, or something else.These are ways you can help your school be more water friendly.

What You Can Do


When you wash your hands and don't turn the faucet off all the way, water drips which is a waste. That is why our school should install timed faucets to avoid dripping and wasting water. Another thing we can do is put up signs that tell people to conserve water.


Everyone uses the toilet. And occasionally it gets leaks. So if this happens, tell a custodian immediately. Also we could use toilet dams to prevent the leaks and waste of water.


Always make sure you are stocked up on supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, and soap. Instead of using paper towels, your school could install automatic dryers. Also more efficient models of toilets and faucets.