About Me

By : Ashley Beckworth

My Name is Ashley Beckworth I am a Senior high school just a few weeks left. Some cool thing about my self one is that I have lived in seven different stats. Another cool thing about me is that I have died before.
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When I tell people that I have died they just want to know more, and they ask questions. like if you died how are you here, or they just ask why and how did it happen. So I start my story just like this when I was six months old I had RSV which is like a virus that babies get in there chests but it made my right lung collapse and I died. But all thanks go to all the doctors and nurses at Texas children because they are why I am here to do I have a ugly scar under my right ormu that reminds me of if every day.
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living Everywhere

living in everywhere is one of the things I love the most about myself because I have seen thing that most kids have not. So I take it as a gift from my parents to have seen all the places, people and the things I have done. Just to have bin blessed so much with a family and friends that love me.