The effects on those around us

Bullying effects not only the bullied but the every one he is friends with and that is related to him, because on the emotional trauma the bullied has, that pain will radiate out to every one he gets along with. When a bully is causing pain to someone, they think they are the best, and the biggest, baddest person around, but in all reality, it just proves how small of a man he is, if he needs to bring others down to feel good about himself, and most the time they don't realize how hurtful the things they say are to the person, when it is said through a computer.

How can you help?

If you hear about, or see a message that sounds like some one is getting bullied, or you are getting bullied, either let a person in control know, by either showing them the message, or if violence is being threaten, let a policeman, or another official in a place of power know. Never just sit there and take it, and hope it will stop, that just opens you up as more of a target. if you are being threaten or someone you know is, then that is a serious crime, and the police will help you and the bully will be fined, at the very least.
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