2nd Grade's January Newsletter


We will be continuing our 2nd Module: "Fossils".

In Unit 1 of this module, we will focus on the following standards:

- Ask and answer questions about the text


-Story Structure

-Point of View

-Main Purpose of a Text

-Compare/Contrast Texts

- Use information gathered to write an informational paragraph

In Fundations, we are spending most of the month in Unit 5. In Unit 5, we will be introducing the following concepts:

-2 syllable words

-compound words

- spelling of -ic at the end of a 2 syllable word

-suffixes -ful, -ment, -ness, -less, -able, -en, -ish

-prefixes mis, un, non, dis, and trans

-vowel teams au and aw

-trick (heart) words: against, knew, know, always, often, once

- Sample unit words: catnip, habit, tonic, mascot, hundred, freshen, boldness

  • As always, we continue to focus on phonemic awareness through differentiated phonics instruction. Please encourage your second grader to read for 15 minutes for 15 nights this month; as per their January Reading Calendar. Don't forget to practice Heart Words (sight words).


Students will begin solving word problems involving dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, using $ and ยข symbols appropriately. Then, students will move onto expressing and comparing three digit numbers. Finally, we will revisit skip counting and use this skill to help with adding and subtracting.


We will begin the Matter unit. Students will be exploring the states of matter and temperature.