DNA Science Trivia



The goal of this game is to use your vast knowledge about DNA to go to the finish.There is a few obstacles along the way so try your best.NO notes allowed that is considered. cheating

Instructions to the game

  • There is a four sided dice move 1 space, move 2 space, move 3 spaces, and stay.
  • You can find out what you rolled by looking at the number facing down.
  • There will be a space marked with a R and if you land on that space you will pick a card from the random pile do what it says. the card also marked with a R .
  • If you land on a space with a ? you draw a card from the question pile marked with a ? .
  • If you get the question wrong you move a space if you get it right you move a space forward.
  • To see if you get the question right or wrong there is a number on the card that matches up with a answer sheet.
  • For both of these spaces after you draw the card it is the next players turn.
  • You will come to a spot on the board where it looks as if the game is over but slide across on the solid line between the two dots.


1 three sided dice

20 questions

1 answer sheet

10 random cards

1 board

1 box

4 game pieces