Year 11 Good News

Celebrating the Good Stuff that's happening right now

Parent Tutor Evening

It was fantastic to see so many of you taking time discuss your revision master plans with your tutors on Monday night. We were impressed by the quality of your self reflection and how honest you were about your worries which are only natural to have at this point.

Remember that there is no perfect moment to start your revision, there will always be one distraction or another. What matters is that you choose to make a start and work from there.

Remember to be an active reviser who uses the 'diagnose, therapy' test' method to make sure that you revise the things you DONT know rather than the things you DO.

Attitude to Learning Stars Term 4

Velvet Jones

Jess Holloway

Olivia Phillips

Amber Maynard

Freddy Clark

Hannah Garland

Jack Bailey

Emily Dyer

Rosie Lacey

Alisa Jenkins

Jake Durston

Diya Vaid

Shelby Lacey

Katie Stokes

Olivia Thompson

Finlay Wilson

Abi Fisher

Betsy Adams

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English Listening and Speaking Exams

There has been some serious practise that has gone into your recent English exams, how great does it feel to know that 20% of your overall grade is taken care of and that you can focus on perfecting the rest?

To quote Mr Ryan:

"They were great – they took it really seriously, turned up on time, and (almost all) were really prepared. The talks were lively and interesting and they all had a really good go. Most people got at least their TMG which will really help their overall grade."


Amazing Achievements for Year 11 Students doing Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards . . .

A group of Year 11 students have been working incredibly hard during the whole of Year 10 and 11 to build up fantastic portfolios of work towards their Bronze, Silver and Gold Student Awards. This is alongside all the hard work needed for their GCSE subjects.

Congratulations and well done to the students who have so far achieved these Awards:

Kye Tasker Bronze, Silver and Gold and working towards achieving AQA Unit Awards Qualifications

Katie Stokes Bronze, Silver and Gold and working towards achieving AQA Unit Awards Qualifications

Olivia Thompson Bronze, Silver and Gold and working towards achieving AQA Unit Awards Qualifications

Antony Doherty Bronze and Silver and working towards achieving Gold and also achieving a Sports Award

Cameron Carter Bronze and working towards achieving Silver and also achieving a Sports Award

Aaron Farley Bronze and working towards achieving Silver and also achieving a Sports Award

Bradley Herbert Bronze and working towards achieving Silver.

Well done to all the hardworking and fantastic students!

Mrs Moore


with the GCSE art exam just around the corner (Thursday and Friday of the second week back after Easter!) we want to recognise some of the outstanding effort that has gone into exam preparation.

Lily Clapp, Shelby Lacey, Maiya Moss-Durston, Kieran Bryant, James Withey, Jack Davis, Jamila Choudhury, Olivia Parker, Emily Dyer, Ashley James and Anna Bateman you have all shown commitment towards your projects through long hours worked and we are hugely impressed with the quality of your ideas - keep it up!

BTEC students have also been hard at work developing ideas for their externally set assignment. Velvet Jones, Amy Durham, Carla Britton, May Rafferty and Courtney Male you are wowing us with your hard work and skills at the moment!'

There is still time to make a difference to your project and GCSE/BTEC grade by coming to one of our Easter catch-up sessions (lots of you have already signed up!) and making sure that you take your book home over the holiday to respond to the feedback that your teachers have given you.


Year 11 BTEC Music Students performed in the Open Mic Night. They conquered their nerves and gave three really professional performances. They have nearly completed the whole course.

Oli Exton Owen Bold, Luke Hembury, Hadley McNeill, Tilly Cook, Kye Tasker, Chloe Phillips, Chloe Chan, Heidi Brown, Joe Cooper and Ethan Garland keep up your amazing effort!

GCSE Music Team have nearly completed 80% of their course. One exam to go and then THAT’S IT!

Megan Angel, Georgia Balsom, Jess Holloway, Nathan Holt, Finlay Wilson, Connor Churchill and Rob Moore keep up your amazing effort!

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Over To You

Year 11, tell us about your own hard work and achievements, where are you making the most progress? what are you proud of?

Have any of your teachers worked wonders for you and you would like to say 'thanks'?

Email Mrs Tushingham (by typing Miss Rebecca Tushingham into the outlook address search box) and your news will become part of the HWA Good News 2015.

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