East Timor

Jasmine S. 6th Period


East Timor is a beautiful and lush country. There are many sights to see including marvelous beaches and a blueish green ocean. With many resorts and friendly people to help you get around this is one place you need add to your travel destinations. East Timor offers magnificent diving classes so you can swim with the local fish and sunsets you can see for miles. East Timor also has some of the best fishing ports so you can have a guys get away. You will enjoy your stay in East Timor.

East Timor "Land of the never setting sun."


East Timor is located of the coast of Indonesia. It sits in the Timor Ocean. There are many ways to get to East Timor because of it being surrounded by ocean. The climate is nice and sunny year round except during the rainy season when people are harvesting crops and fishing. The dry season is the best time to visit East Timor because of how nice it is. In the mountions the weather can range from cool-cold. The temperature never goes over 85 degrees Fahrenheit. East Timor is in Southeast Asia. This means that they have many trading ties with other countries. You will never feel board because East Timor has many outdoor activites because of how nice the climate is. The climate makes it great for growing sandlewood.

People and culture

The people of East Timor are mostly Roman Catholic. This was introduced by the Portuguese in 1515. The other religions are Protestant and Muslim. Other religions are welcomed as we don't criticize you for your religion. The church is beautifully made and has been kept as it was for many years.

In East Timorese culture there is a story as to how the island was found. A boy befriended a sick crocodile and carried it to the sea. In gratitude, the crocodile took the boy on many journeys across the sea. As it grew old and approached death, the crocodile said: 'I will change into a land where you and your descendants will live from my fruits, as payment for your kindness.' According to legend, the land was the island of Timor and the descendants were the Timorese.

Some of the staple food are anything with rice. Besides, the other food crops grown here include Maize, sweet potatoes, cassava, and Taro. The vegetables that form a part of the East Timor Food consist of cabbage, spinach, beans, cowpeas and onions. In fact in many houses poultry, pigs and goats are domesticated and they also serve as a source of meat. Besides, East Timor Food also includes fish as a part of it. Also, the Timorese people cultivate bananas, watermelons, mangoes, papaya and coconuts.

Government and Citzens

East Timor is a democracy. They reelect a prime minister every 3-4 years. Right now there is a civil war but thanks to our wonderful prime minister it is going to end soon. The government has fair laws and help to keep the people safe and healthy.

There are about 1,175,880 people living in East Timor as citizens. Most of these people have been kept on steady jobs and if unable to provide for their family the government helps them. The people of East Timor have a very diverse culture and have many different points of view and beliefs.


In May 2002 we gained our independence. This left us to decide how we wanted our country to be from that point on. This caused the government to make quick decisions as to how the economy was to grow.

The economy grew rapidly causing deductions in poverty and in unemployment. This made our country beautiful place. We allow farmers to chose what crops they grow. There are many markets where you can walk down the streets and you are allowed to buy foods and other items from venders. You are also allowed to start your own company.