All About Duff Goldman

By :Teagan

Started Out Younge

Why Duff Goldman inspired me into baking is because he has been baking since he was a little kid and that shows that you can do anything no matter what age you are. Then when he was working for Cindy wolf at the Cascade Hotel in Colorado and then he became an exclusive pastry chef and left Colorado.Next he opened a store called Charm City Cakes in his apartment and it was a success so he move it to a bigger place and that was an old church, As he was getting settled in he hired chefs and made a cake replica of Star Wars characters.

Where you can see Duff Goldman on T.V

Following several appearances on its cake competition Challenge series, Food Network tapped Chef Duff and his fellow cake baking artists at Charm City Cakes to star in Ace of Cakes. After 10 seasons on the Food Network, the show wrapped as one of the longest running reality shows in history to feature the same cast.
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Paired Up!

Duff paired with the team at Gartner Studios in Stillwater, Minnesota to design and launch the Duff Goldman by Gartner Studios line of cake baking products. The signature line of professional grade products was designed to take the fear out of cake decorating with fun products that are easy to use.
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Where You Can Find Duff Goldman On T.V

Now Duff Goldman is on food network and he appears on Diner drives and dives a lot and he is on chopped, Iron Chef America, Cupcake Wars, And the best thing I ever ate. Also he has been interviewed on The Tonight Show with jay leno, The Talk, The Chew, The View, Good Morning America, Dr. Oz and many more! Now he has a Shop called Charm City Cakes. Also Duff Goldman is inspiring a new generation and just saying “go for it.”