Southwest Early Childhood Center

2015 National School of Character

Southwest Early Childhood Center

Mission: "With character and knowledge every child will have the tools to be successful."

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Nuts and Bolts

PD Day Goal:

Change of plans-

  • Title I aides will meet out in the shed to help Southwest organize/label/throw away items in the shed. At the gaps and obstacle station it was discussed that the shed needs some SUPER ORGANIZERS to help weed out broken or old items and also label everything so that everyone knows what goes where and the items are easy to use when we need them.
  • Title I teachers: please meet Sarah and I in room 206 (boys and girls club room) to take some time out to review some tier II supports. You won't need to bring anything with you besides something to take notes with which to take notes.
  • WE WILL BEGIN DISMISSAL AT 1:15 on Wednesday's Early Release Day! We will provide you with stickers to put on your kids Tuesday.

January 4th: ECSE aides/paras have been asked to join other district aides/paras for a training on autism from the Thompson Center. We will really miss you at our PD day at Southwest but will provide the same opportunity for you in room 206 with snacks included on the following Friday. Details will come as we get closer to time.

Tornado drill notes: We learned after our drill this week that if you are on the playground and a tornado comes, please come inside and go to your NORMAL safe area in the building. We also learned that if you are in the ECSE wing please squish all the way down to take cover on the red tile portion of the main hallway.

Intruder Drill notes: Don't forget that if you are on the playground during a lock down or intruder drill you are to leave the playground and go to the nearest safe place. That may be the armory or the house next door. The important thing is that you just go and be safe!

HELMETS: If you have an opinion on the kinds of helmets we need for our students when using bikes, please ask Sasha or Shelley for a catalog and photocopy a picture of the kind/type of helmet and also the sizes you feel we need and we will get these ordered. I NEED YOUR HELP WITH THIS EVERYONE! You guys are the ones who know what your kiddos need. We will get some helmets so please place your options in my mailbox by Thanksgiving break.

Need for Adult Bathroom: Please know that our climate/culture committee knows the need for an adult bathroom in the building and as soon as the opportunity presents for capitol projects/remodels we will address this need with supervisors. Thank you for your comments.

Play ground Gates: Each time you go through the playground gates BE SURE to close and lock it behind you. When you are coming onto the playground in the morning be sure to shut/lock the gate behind you. Please don't assume you are not the last person leaving! Thank you for your help!

CLOCKING in and OUT for Aides: A couple of really important things to remember about your time sheet is that you must be within the 7 minute window (see September memo) and if you are not, you MUST write why. Even if the reason is I"I clocked in one minute late." Another important note is that if you are over 7.75 hours each day, you have to have pre-approved overtime from administration. A good habit with time sheets is to check along the far right hand column to be sure each day totals the 7.75 unless you are a part time employee. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!! also I received the following info from the BOE today: I have had several employees taking a dock in pay instead of using their leave or accrued comp time, for instance when they are late. I have been instructed by Penney Rector to apply available applicable leave and accrued comp time before applying personal dock.

DRESS Code: Please be sure to conduct the bend over test in the morning to make sure nothing shows in the back or in the front. If you can see it when you bend over, so can the kids/parents! We appreciate your help with making sure we are looking as professional as possible.

Keep up the great work! What you do everyday Matters!

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