Say no!!

To School Uniforms

Did you know...

  • As of the 2010 in the United States, there are 21 states with Public School Systems requiring their students to wear uniforms.

Downsides with School Uniforms

Show their Creativity
  • they should be able to wear what ever you want (as long as it's in dress code).
  • you should be able to use your clothes to tell people what mood your in that day so far
  • if you wear a uniform you will not be bullied from your difference in clothes
  • 6-10 people are for uniforms in the United States

Adding to bill
  • highest school uniform would be $191.96 for actual the uniform and equipment
  • Some bills are higher it depends on the School,were it is and the adult running the school. (Principal)
School Uniforms: Good or Bad?