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May 16, 2016


Kelly earned her Master's Degree from Hood College over the weekend. Kelly we are so proud of your accomplishment.

Retirement Party & Volunteer Luncheon Reminders

Please see Susan Welch for information about Karen Blackwood's retirement. The party cost is $30.00.

Team leaders are collecting the $9.00 for the volunteer luncheon. Please see your team leader if you are donating toward the luncheon.

Both activities are optional.

Field Day -Rain Date Change

The original field day rain date was scheduled for June 13th. This is also the day of the 5th grade celebration at Bar-T. The P.E. team has made a revision to the rain date. The scheduled date is June 10th with a revised rain date of June 15th. We want to thank you in advance for your flexibility so the 5th grade students can enjoy their last field as the Bar-T date was not flexible.

Field Trips

There have been many questions from parents about FCPS field trip policies. Here are some quick tips to assist you in your conversations with parents.

  • All students must ride the bus to and from the field trip, no exceptions.
  • Parents that aren't selected as chaperone's can't meet the class at the trip.
  • If a child becomes ill a call needs to made to the school and we will problem-solve with the teacher.
  • Parents can't take their child from the field trip. All students must return to CES and then parents can sign their child out.
  • Please remind parents that when signing their child out after a field trip and the school day is not over it will be coded unlawful.

It is our hope that the tips shared assist staff with sending a consistent message to parents.

Evaluations for Certificated Staff

We want your feedback. Please respond by Friday, May 27th @ 4:00 p.m.

Evaluations for Support Staff

We want your feedback. Please respond by Friday, May 27th @ 4:00 p.m.

May & June Calendars

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