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Finale: 'I did it!'

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Dear Course member,

The end is definite, but this is only about this workshop. Where the Intensive ends for you, the process carries on and I hope with this final inspiration to give you some extra self-confidence. Enjoy the finale that is especially online for you. Make contact with what you have felt and achieved during the past three months, because it is a journey to be proud of. For eleven weeks you have shown that you are focused on what you really want. In vulnerability you took the decision to change your life up to now. The moment for the final jump has now arrived: to your new reality.

Perhaps you have to get used to the idea, but there is no webcast anymore in the programme. Everything that I wanted to say I have said. And even so I just want you to take a few more minutes to make contact with one another one more time, a little ritual to close this workshop (see below).

Thank you so much for your participation and who knows until we meet again!

From heart to heart,


Ritual: the mirror

A final moment of contact with yourself and the group, with whom you have made this journey during the past 11 weeks. Make sure that this evening you stand in front of the mirror. Look deep into your eyes and smile! Place your hands on your heart and connect with all the others around the world who are standing in front of the mirror as well. Be silent for two minutes whilst you are looking at yourself. Feel the love for yourself and for one another.

Finally walk outside and find a beautiful spot where you can stand with your arms spread wide and allow all the energy inside you to come out by shouting as loud as possible: ‘I DID IT!’

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Password Final: 055055

This password is valid until August 8. You can log for the Final from Friday 01 August 6.30pm GMT. Please take note of the time differences in your particular area. GMT = Greenwich Mean Time

Final: Last words

Just enjoy the connection with one another. Exchange information if you want to keep in contact with one another.

Just a word of thanks for a few people who have contributed in a huge way to the development of this Intensive. I want to thank Benjamin, Jill, Marije and Tom. Without them I could not make this Intensive.