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Writing to your Future Self NEW YEAR PRACTICE

A Gift for you... Future Letter Writing for your New Year!

Take 13 min to snuggle up with a cup of tea and paper to write your future self a love letter. I've done it for two decades! Today, I share my technique and invite you to join me! Enjoy this special practice today and for many years to come.

Want another fun way to bring in the new year? Join me for a very unique event called Scented Intent :: The Essence of One Word. I'm collaborating with aromatherapist Kate Davis for a brilliant one word workshop. Learn more here.

In the presence of all things unexpected, let's be mindful.

It’s a new normal.

The whole world has turned upside-down and inside-out. How well you've changed with it matters to your future. What’s next, what’s needed, what’s showing up as missing? Resilience isn’t about bounce-back as much as bounce-forward. Still struggling to adapt? That missing piece may be-- you. Mindset is everything, what's yours?

What do you want?

Whether you want support taking brave bold action, visioning what's next or simply need a little reminder to pause, breathe and let go-- I believe you are good, you are worth it and you will create through this. Resilience begins with you. Let's explore together shall we?

Never had a coach before?

Great! It's a good day to begin. Unlike therapy which focuses on the past and naming what's wrong (useful but not always what's needed), coaching focuses on the present and future, naming what's good and what's next. Clinical psychology verses positive psychology!

Let's talk.

Coaching sessions with Annelies are like walking, we take one step at a time and look for clues. I listen between the lines, calling out where you may be limited or right on the edge of genius to help you improve confidence, clarity, and to reframe your mindset. I'm the co-pilot you want for that transformative "compassionate poke with a sharp stick" you didn't know you needed! Professionals are people too. I'd love to help you, find you. Let's journey together.

$111 Group Coaching Special

Designed for those in career transition. Our focus will be on YOU the person, so that you the professional may improve confidence, clarity, and mindset as you consider next right steps. We'll meet via Zoom for 3 sessions. Mon Jan 11, 18, 25 6PM (EST)

$450 Life/Leadership Coaching with Annelies

A great way to stir ideas and experience a few sessions with Annelies. Includes a Goals Assessment and 2.5 hours of one-on-one coaching plus some support. Invest in you NOW as this is a seasonal special.

GIFT for YOU! End of Year Reflection and Beyond

I invite you to pause and reflect upon what’s good, what you’ve accomplished in the presence of adversity and to set a few thoughtful goals for the year to come. Here’s a few coaching questions designed just for YOU.

A little about Annelies...

As a speaker, author, executive coach and process artist— I help people see life differently; serving leaders, entrepreneurs and executives facing change. In a nutshell, I help people just like you navigate the unexpected, creating calm in the chaos.

I've served professionals across the globe from NYC to France within IBM, GSK, City of Raleigh, Baptist Medical, Fidelity Bank, Campbell Law, and so many more. I hold a masters in coaching and wrote a life-changing book From Chaos to Calm.

On a personal note, I hammock for perspective, paddleboard for balance, ask provocative questions to pierce the veil, walk in nature to find myself, hunt mushrooms for fun, travel when possible and always care to care. I believe the secret to all success is compassion and knowing how to make a gourmet salad out of weeds. ;)

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