Middle School Success Series

Learn good academic habits for middle school success

* Study Skills *

* Organizational Skills *

* Personal Responsibility *

* Time Management *

* Setting Goals *

Session 1: "Middle School's Tools!"

- Organizing locker, materials, & home workspace; using checklists

Tuesday, August 9

Session 2: "Secret Study Skills"

- Learning styles, notes & outlining, using mnemonics, & active learning

Wednesday, August 10

Session 3: "It's About Time (Management)!"

- Creating homework habits, tracking, & planning

Thursday, August 11

Series held at Prairie Knolls Middle School

from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

$175 for the three day series

Cost includes book - "The Middle School Student's Guide to Ruling the World!"

To register, call Jenny at 847-878-0831 or email jenniferctheriault@gmail.com

About the instructor

Jenny Theriault’s love of teaching began over 20 years ago. While her undergraduate and graduate degrees focused on traditional classroom teaching, her career has expanded into lifelong learning skills. From her days in a classroom teaching academically struggling youth, to her time helping returning adults earn their GEDs, to her work as a community college instructor, she has personally witnessed that all learners must master learning skills before they can ever achieve classroom success. As an educator and a parent of a middle schooler, Jenny firmly believes in the value of developing the skills necessary to succeed and be better prepared to start the school year off right!
Click on the google doc link below to access & print out the registration form.

Comments About the Middle School Success Series

"This Middle School Series was a great way to help our middle school student prepare, organize and become more confident in how to manage through all of the changes they experience in middle school. Great program and would highly recommend it for all incoming 6th graders! "

- Lori

"My son greatly enjoyed the Success Series and will be going again as a refresher for the next school year. Valuable tools learned during these sessions that carried into school."

- Lisa