Grade 2 visual Art - Ms.Taame

"Who We Are" Newsletter #2

Assalamo alaykom dear Tarbiyah Academy parents,

As a KG, 1st and second grade Art teacher I sensed how second graders displayed much more maturity and readiness to quickly review the primary and secondary colors, go over some more elements of Art such as the line, shape, and form, we were also able to connect conceptually with the UOI and develop some fundamental artistic skills.

The students started using creatively their journal by practicing some mixed media techniques, filled some worksheets about the color theory and completed a painting project where they touched on symmetry and balance.

The student also applied what we reviewed about lines and patterns while decorating the cover of their portfolio as a separate art project.

We watched some videos online about the color wheel and reviewed what we learned using some interactive activities.

We focused on developing skills like: cutting, manipulating brushes, painting, gluing, right posture, work space management, collaborative interactions, and responsibilities.

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In the SS summative, the 2nd grade students will be asked to identify color, line, shape, texture, form, space, and selected principles of design, such as pattern, repetition, and contrast in one of Joan Miro's paintings and create an original artwork using these elements and principals to convey what they see, know, and feel.