Dull, K.


Bats Live In One Amazing World Did you know a bat’s wing is also their hand, it’s made up of muscle and thin skin I like call Sock skin. “That’s really cool right?” What Do Different Bats Look Like Most bats look dark Brown and rarely white . Vampire bats have long large grey fangs. Most bats have a red point on their tail fur. Megabats are known to have a wing span of 4 foot. Different bats may look different,but don´t judge what they look like. Where Do Different Bats live Most bats live in rainforest or awesome caves. Some bats live in folded up leaves. caves are cold but bats love it. What Bat Eats A Certain Thing Not all bats eat the same thing,but most eat insects known as moths,beetles and flies.comman eat mosquitoes.Vampire bats their blood filled prey. Just because bats eat insects doesn’t mean they are disgusting. Bat fears Bats fear many things.Tarantulas eat bats. A fungus called “White Nose Syndrome” is a fear.”But don’t worry scientist are working on a cure”.”A lot of bat fears not cool”. Baby Bats Most females bat give birth to one pup per year. baby bats hang on their mother’s feet to sleep till they are 6 months old.” Did you know that. Cool And Interesting Facts There are more than 1’100 species of bat The longest and largest bat wing was 4 foot long 3 feet wide.” But don’t be scared they don’t get that long and wide. Closing Different bats may look different,but don’t judge what they look like.Many bats live in rainforest’s but the coolest live in awesome caves.

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