Perry Smith: Wanted

Wanted For The Murder of the Clutter Family


Smith is a man of short stature, he has been described as a man with a large torso but small legs, be advised he walks strangely as he was injured in a motorcycle accident. He has dark hair and dark eyes.


Perry Smith had a rough childhood, when he was small his family moved to Juneau where is father distilled bootleg whiskey. His father was abusive so his alcoholic mother took the children to San Francisco. She then died and the children were put into a catholic orphanage where Smith was beaten. He then moved back with his father, who moved around the country.

Other Crimes

Smith at one point belonged to a street gang and spent large amounts of time in detention homes due to petty theft. He also allegedly killed a black man for no reason.


Perry Smith is wanted for the murder of four member of the Clutter Family; Herbert, Bonnie, Nancy, and Kenyon. The home invasion appears to have started as a robbery gone wrong that ended in Smith and his accomplice Dick Hickok killing the members of the family, leaving only a boot print and a tire track in their wake.


This info could possibly make some people feel bad or sympathy for Smith, because he had such a bad childhood. While he did do the murders, it also seems like the way he is is out of his hands, because of abusive and negligent parents. Despite all this, it's important to remember that he still did murder the family, and no amount of background info can excuse for that.

Nature v. Nurture

I think that Perry's childhood played a large part in his crimes later in life. Perry had little or no parental guidance during his childhood years that naturally led to his wayward ways. His beatings and near drowning when he was in an orphanage also likely led to severe mental trauma. He later moved in with his father who was a bad influence as he was a criminal as well. Smith was probably also influenced to commit the crime by Hickok who gained strong influence over Smith because he was not very strong willed.