What's In A Name

OKC Thunder

1.Team Information

Team: Thunder

Country: OKC


State/providence: U.S

-Longitude and Latitude: 35º 28' 3" N/ 97º 30' 58" W

Language spoken: English

Interesting Facts about the Region

-Large local businesses

-Serves Indian Health Services

-Lots of technology

Physical Features of this Region

-rolling plains

-produces lots of wheat

-It has Dams

2.Team Mascot Information

Team Mascot: Rumble the Bison

Nickname for this team? No nicknames found.

How does the mascot/nickname connect to the culture of the region?

Its name is Rumble the Bison and it connects to the region because bison is a animal

In Oklahoma.


Team nickname and mascits quite often reflect a connection to the pkace or region where the team is located.

Team established? : october 14

Founder: seattle supersonics in 1967

Why did they choose this location: because, for most of the players that are on the team were raised in Oklahoma.

Does the mascot connect to the history of the region and how?

Yes, in his shows he dunks like basketball players.


What is the name of the stadium/arena? Gillette Stadium

Why does this stadium/arena have this name? To honor bervicemen and serdice women who have been listed as prisoners of war.

Has this stadium ever had another name? If so, what was it?

No, it has no other name

More and more stadiums and arenas are being named after major businesses instead of individuals. Why has there been this shift In naming of stadium?

Part of being good at business is surrounding yourself with smart people.