Learn all about these rare types of students.

What are twice exceptional students.?

Students who have both a disability and a special gift or talent. These kinds of students are hard to identify because the disability often overshadows the gift or talent.

A few common discrepancies and attributes.


1) Inconsistency in performance and test results

2) Discrepancy between expected and actual achievement

3) Good with abstract concepts but difficulty with memorization

4) Discrepancy between verbal and written work


1) Withdrawal/shyness

2) Anxiety, depression

3) Extremely divergent in thought

4) Highly critical of self and others

Educational strengths and challenges.


1) Outstanding talent or ability

2) Creativity

3) Active problem solving

4) Analytical and critical thinking

5) Strong task commitment when interested


1) Acting out behavior

2) Poor organization

3) Poor motivation

4) Reading problems due to poor cognitive processing

5) use of humor to divert attention from academic failure

Types of tests to identify twice exceptional students.

Multiple data sources can be used:

1) IQ tests based on group or individual testing

2) Standard achievement tests

3) Creativity tests

4) Teacher, parent, peer or self nomination

5) A multiple criteria model that includes objective and

subjective indicators

Some services and accommodations.

Services can include a combination of remedial and advanced educational programs depending on student need:

1) Advanced placement programs

2) Schools for gifted children

3) Special education services in resource rooms or mainstream classes

4) Schools for specific learning disabilities

5) School counseling and behavioral intervention

Accommodations can be made that include:

1) Playing to the student's strengths

2) Address social and emotional needs

3) Incorporate counseling support

4) Provide organizational guidance and one on one tutoring


5) Integrate technology