Year 1 News

Miss Hansson's Room 8 Class

Swimming Lessons

In-term swimming lessons are being conducted in weeks 9 and 10 of this term at Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre. Our room's time slot is 10:10-10:50am. Please follow the link below to the school's website for information and a copy of the permission form.

It is expected that all children will attend, as this is a valuable component of the children’s curriculum.

Head Lice

There has been a reported case of Head Lice in your child's classroom.

Please be comforted by the fact that Head Lice often infest clean, well-groomed hair. Would you please examine your child's hair and, if treatment is necessary, contact your Doctor or your local Pharmacy for advice.

A Fact Sheet and pamphlet on 'Prevention and Treatment of Head Lice' are also available from the School Office on request.

Room 8 End of Year Concert Item

For the end of year concert, Wednesday the 18th of December, the students will be performing 'Mr Blue Sky'. The song is quite challenging in parts so we encourage you to practise the lyrics and timing with your child. The link is


As our classes theme is 'blue' the costumes will consist of a plain blue shirt. Libby Bond has very kindly offered to purchase the students shirts (to ensure they are all the same) just give an envelope with $5, your child's name and size to Libby before or after school. If you can not find Libby you can hand it in to me and I will pass it on.


For the song the class will require 1 pretend guitar each, 18 altogether. These will be constructed out of cardboard with a strap. I will need help in cutting these out and painting them. If you are available after school and would like to be part of the Room 8 Busy Bee it would be most appreciated. I am hoping to schedule it for Week 7 Wednesday 27th November after school. Please sign up on the door to register your interest.

Remeberence Day

On Monday, if children would like to donate a gold coin they will receive a poppy to help them commemorate Remembrance Day with all proceeds going to RSL. Special thanks to Mrs Natalie Franker, who has created an interesting Remembrance Day display in the library.