The Scottish in America

Brave at heart

Why they came here

Most of Scots who came to America in the 17th century were deported because they were prisoners similar to how the Africans got to Australia, others were deported due to lost civil disputes, and persecution from the church and England. Oliver Cromwell would deport the pow's each time of the three times he defeated the Scotch army between 1648 and 1651.

How they got here

The Scots either came directly from Scotland or from the province of Ulster in Northern Ireland. These immigrants traveled by Ship

How many of their members came to America

An estimated 25,000 came between 1763 and 1775 adding to the number that came from deportation after the losses to Oliver Cromwell during 17th century. At the time of the first federal census (1790) people of Scottish origins made up more than 6% of the population at about 260,000.

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What immigration laws or policies were in effect during the time of migration.

While there where no immigration laws in effect during the onset of the Scotch-Irish immigration. New laws where coming in to play later on during the influx of immigrants

In 1790 the first immigration law was passed it was called the Naturalization act of 1790 it states that unindentured white males must live in the U.S. for two years before becoming citizens.

in 1795 the previous act was extended to 5 years.

in 1798 the Naturalization act was lengthed to 14 years,