VCR Lesson 10 Presentation

Lydia Ashburn

Many believe the end of the world will announce itself through a dramatic ______________ complete with destruction and violence.
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1. A prophetic disclosure or revelation, especially concerning a universal cataclysm.
2. Any widespread destruction.
3. (capitalized) The last book of the Bible, also known as Revelation, which contains prophesies about the ultimate destruction of the world.


APO <G. "away from"
kaluptein <G. "to cover"

Other Forms

apocalyptic, adj. apocalyptical, adj. apocalypticism, n. apocalyptist, n.
The book of Revelation is a the final book of the Bible that describes a vision of the apocalypse. One part suggests that four horsemen will arrive: War, Famine, Death, and Pestilence (Infectious Disease).
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Choose the sentence where the word in bold is used incorrectly.

A. Jake had a vision of future destruction, war, and famine which he interpreted as the eminent apocalypse.
B. The small child got scared while hearing the apocalyptic discussion of the book Revelation during church.
C. Henry, and apocalyptist, stood on the street corner loudly warning people of the eventual end of the world and mankind.
D. The secret society supported apocalypticism, the belief that man would eventually reach peace in the world and live in harmony with one another.