By Yazmin

Early population

The population of the Mono tribe is approximately 2,300 people.

there life style

Habitat and Geography

Their habitat is North Fork Mono in Madera County. They spread across California in: Owens River Valley the San Janquin Valley, Freson County, and San Francisco Bay Area.

Home clothing and dress

The Mono people live in wikiups. Women and men wore deerskin or aprons or breechout. Women and men pierced their ears and noses and tattoed their faces. Face and bodies were painted for ceremonies only.

Food and diet

When they were on diets they ate acorns, roots, pine nuts, and berries. Good hunters shared their meat. They hunted deers, bear, rabbits, and squrrels.


Mono tribes spoke Mono language. It's in the numic branch. It's in the language family of uto-aztecan.


They would use guns, bows lances, axes, war clubs, and knifes.

Art and artwork

The Mono tribe would make art baskets by weaving.

Interesting facts

They had eastern Mono's and southern Mono's. Bears were haunted by blocking the egress from their cave and then shooting them.