The Civil Rights People

By: Alex Wells

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther was a active role model in the civil rights movement. He inspired many people about how all humans, no matter of color or race, should be treated fair and equal. He was famous for bringing the infamous "I Have a Dream" speech that was spoken in front of a large crowd. He was even there when the civil rights act was signed and put into law. Sadly, he was later shot and killed. He had so much of an impact on the nation that we made a national holiday for him. Without him, we might have never reached a true civil rights act. He changed the nation by himself. All through the power of speech and not by harming others.

Rosa Parks

Rosa was a woman who was actively fighting for the civil rights act. One day in Alabama she refused to give up her seat to a white person and moved to the back of the bus. She was later arrested for acting out against the rules on the bus, and put in jail. Soon after the civil rights act was passed, she was released and brought back as a hero.
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