Modern Way to comunicate

Facebook and Twitter By junaid

Modern comunicaton ; facebook and twitter

This world has made everything changed from cave painting to Twitter. In the olden days they used to comunicate with phones and cave painting now the technology has changed to Facebook and twitter.

Facebook was created by Mark Zuckerburg in the 2004 it is a online social networking service which you can send messages.

Twitter was created by 3 people twitter was found in franisco california twitter is the same thing as face book it is also an online social networking service.

How do you communicate with face book and twitter.

You can communicate with facebook by sending messages or they can send messages to you. In facebook they give their photos so you can communicate by writting a comment and then they write to you.

Twitter is the same thing as facebook like you can send messages or you send photos like i said twitter is an online social networking which the reader can read messages or send.