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January 23, 2015

Above The Line

If you haven't had a chance to explore our new database called "Pebble Go Animals", I highly recommend that you take a look. It's content is geared for the K-3 audience, but they are working on content for intermediate students too.

You can access this content from home or school by going to the library webmix. Click on the red "reading" tile and then click on the "Pebble Go Animal" tile. If you are using this at school you shouldn't need the login and password. However, if you are accessing it from home then you need the login/password combo of "123ses/ses". The login/password combo should only be shared with the Sunrise community because of licensing rules.

Using Pebble Go is a simple way to reach the augmentation level in SAMR because it brings new functionality to an e-book by providing multimedia options and the ability to have the text read to the student. When you combine this great content resource with the app "Haiku Deck" that is found in the creation folder. You can engage students and integrate technology and achieve the SAMR level of modification.

Have your students use Pebble Go to research an animal. They will need to use the login/password combo with the iPad. Then have the students select one of the Pebble Go images and save that image to the camera roll by pressing a finger over the image and holding your finger there until you can choose "Save Image" or "Copy". Select "Save Image" to save it to your camera roll.

Now it's time to go to the "Creation Folder" and select the app "Haiku Deck". You need to create a Haiku Deck account before using the iPad. This can be done using the iPad app or going to the website using a computer. Once you are logged into your account on the iPad the student is going to create a new deck by tapping on the "+" sign. Next, you will click on the picture icon. Then tap on the word "import" and chose "My Photos". Now, select your image from the camera roll and tap "add image" at the bottom of the screen. Choose the layout icon now, and select the layout you want to use and tap "Done". I recommend using the format that has a single heading at the top and a line of text at the bottom. Tap the gray text that is over the image to add your text. I would have the students chose three words that they feel are most important about their animal, for the text at the bottom. Now, the project is complete. Students can share their work by using the Haiku Deck website and the classroom projector.

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Lets Google

I am pleased to share that every third through fifth grade student is practicing how to navigate to and use Google Drive through their learning experiences in the library media center. Based on my observations, each classroom should have between 3-5 students who can complete this task independently and be student experts. There are many more who just need little reminders. I am continually amazed at what our kiddos can do.

As a teacher your login/password combo for access to the CVSD Google account is in this formatt: You will need to change the password the first time you log in to something more secure. Student logins are in a similar format: (MMDDYYYY).

Google has many tools that make it easier for us to teach above the SAMR line and to move into the transformation stage of technology integration.

Below is a video that will give you a basic understanding of Google Drive and it's tools.

Drive and Docs: Basics

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App Aproval Process

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