Your Needs, Our Priorety

Who are we?

In 2012 we already gained a lot of IT-knowledge at college and wanted to do something with it, share it with the world. So we decided to start up BUSSINESNAME based in Ghent. We found the company with four persons: Jimmy Boliau, Tom D’Hulster, Jordy Libbrecht and Tom Strubbe. We are a young and dynamic team with a lot a creativity, ready to conquer the world with our knowledge. We have experience in providing exceptional quality and a personal service across our clients.

Mission and vision

Our primary goal is to provide services that give both value for money and that enhance your business or organization and enhance the productivity. We are specialist in IT. For short or long projects, we find the perfect solution for your specific needs in the field of IT.

We develop software applications for all sort of companies in the private and public sector. We also sell our ready-made code as well as developing new customized software from scratch, so we can deliver a product that satisfy the needs for your company. We have developed a variety of solutions ranging from desktop solutions to complex web applications.

Software Solutions, Service Desk Solutions, Web Design

Latest project

At this moment we are working at a large project for a confidence centre for the prevention of cruelty to children. We are working against different companies for the same project, so here we have to make the difference!

The centre who gave us the assignment is a hotline for suspected child abuse, neglect and sexual abuse, where a multi-disciplinary team (at least the medical, social and psycho-pedagogical discipline) is responsible for the assistance in non-judicial environment.

The assignment they gave us is to make a platform where they can offer students and other associates extra information and education.

The people of the centre have the authorization to make new courses for students to follow online. The courses can exist out of the following parts: texts or movies, posing (interactive), casus or reflection-boxes. Another part of the assignment is to give the centre more statistics results of the answer that students gave on a specific part of a course.