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Seasons Greetings Tech Corp Legal

Warm Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year 2014 from all of us at Tech Corp Legal

Lets ring this new year with only good things !!

The New Year 2014 may bring success, happiness, prosperity and peace at your door steps and entire world. Wishing you and your nearest and dearest ones a very best in everything in 2014 and always. Many Best Wishes for a Happy New Year 2014.

Yes, just in time for the New Year 2014, we bring you a brand new Techcorplegal website with a fresh look and updated content! To top it off, we also have the latest issue of our Tech Corp Legal Newsletter for your reading pleasure this joyous season!

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Intellectual Property 2013 Updates in Nutshell:

Intellectual Property Appellate Board (IPAB) upheld Patent Revocation Petition filed by Gujarat based La Renon Health Care

Section 3 of the Indian Patent Act: Section 3 of the Indian Patent Act is related to

non-patentable inventions and it is very important section cited by the patent

examiners during the patent prosecution stage in India.

Therefore the patent applicant should take proactive steps during the patent prosecution stage and comply with the legal requirements of the Indian patent act.

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With our decades of experience, Tech Corp Legal LLP provides patent, trademark, copyright, design, related IP services and corporate advisory to clients situated in India, ASEAN countries and around the world.

This Month’s Patent Prosecution Tip, Beware of Section 3(e) of the Indian Patent Act

Patent Prosecution Process in India:

The overall process of patent prosecution in India is a bit complicated due to multiple compliances and deadlines to follow by the patent applicants.

Understanding why a research needs patent protection in a particular country,

what all processes and drug products can be patented or how to build a strong

portfolio of patents is very vital for success of any biotech ventures.

Relevance of Section 3(e) of the Indian Patent Act for Multinational Pharmaceutical Companies

As per Section 3(e) of the Indian Patent Act “a substance obtained by a mere admixture resulting only in the aggregation of the properties of the components thereof or a process for producing such substance.”

The above mentioned section is a major obstacle for new forms (salts, polymorphs, solvates, etc) of pharmaceutical drugs substances, unless until the patentee illustrates improved effectiveness over existing product. For e.g., a composition of two drugs, i.e. Paracetamol and Ibuprofen for curing fever and pain or process of preparation thereof is not patentable for the reason that the composition is a mere admixture of two drug components resulting into aggregation of properties thereof; since Paracetamol is well known for treatment of fever and Ibuprofen for treatment of pain.

However, if the mixture of drugs exhibits some unexpected results or synergistic properties in their action, then such composition is considered as patentable subject matter. Moreover, the patent description should be supported with adequate test results to confirm the synergistic properties of the pharmaceutical drug or molecule.

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