children rights

ariel gueta and nadav passal

children all around the world must have all of these basic rights!

the right to live

the right to have food on the table

the right to be free

the right to go to learn

the right to have cloths

the right not to work

the right to be treated with respect

the right to Get medical attention if necessary

the right to have a name

the right to be happy

global friendship- the begining of world wide peace

global friendship is the kind of friendship that isn't affected by time and place.

this kind of friendship is the begining of world wide peace because of the fact that people are connecting with other people in other countries shows they are not affected by Prejudice and racism.

child labor- the Violation of children rights

our call is "kids should work to learn not to work get paid!"

iqbal's story

iqbal was just a child when he became a slave.

he was sold by his parents because his parents needed the money so that they can plant seeds and earn money for their living.

after he became a slave he was treated very badly.

then he found out that his master is going to keep him and all of the other kids that were kept as slaves there forever and he had to do something about it.