American Tanks of WW2

By Peyton Troxclair

Impact of tanks in WW2

Tanks played an important role in America's victory in World War 2. The advanced armor allowed them to breakthrough enemy lines and provide heavy firepower for the troops on the ground.

M4 Sherman

The Sherman was an extremely valuable asset for the Americans in WW2. They were a inexpensive and easy to produce product that ended up dominating the battle fields of ww2. They fired 75 mm rounds, which were smaller than most, but their sheer numbers overpowered the Germans strength.

Sherman VC Firefly

The Firefly was the first in the American series of effective tank killing weapons. They used a 76.2 mm gun that was an excellent penetrator of German armor. Only about 2,000 Fireflys were put into service in WW2, but they did enough to help their allies enough to assist in the American victory of WW2.

T28 Super Heavy Tank

The T28 was the largest American built tank. It was built to counter the new generation of German tanks such as the Tiger or Panzer. It fired a 105mm T5E1 and had a anti-personel .50 calibre machine gun. The front had 5.25 inches or armor but the side had only 2 inches, making it more vulnerable.


Without the advancements of American technology, the United States might not have been able to keep up with the advanced German military.