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FOLLOW UP to the Plato Academy Board of Directors

FOLLOW UP to the Plato Board Announcement

Greetings Wonderful PAS Families -

I wanted to follow up to the announcement made by the Plato Academy Board on Friday relaying that they voted to immediately terminate its relationship with Superior Schools Management.

To help with some of the concerns you may have, please know that the termination of Superior Schools only impacts the business management of the schools. Superior Schools was hired by the Plato Academy Schools' Board of Directors to manage the schools only. These roles will simply transition to the schools, and support staff will be added as needed to fulfill any necessary roles.

As families you will see very little change, if any at all. The schools are independently strong and the loss of a management company does not impact our charter, our mission statement, the quality of Plato Academy Schools, or the enrollment of your children. The separation allows our schools to continue the vision established by Mr. Christopoulos in the most effective and productive way, under the continued governance, guidance, and support of our Board of Directors, as always.

Over the next few weeks, Plato's school leadership and our Board will have more information to share, but in the meantime, please be reassured that nothing will change the Plato schools you know and love. We will continue to excel and provide excellence in education!

Thank you for your support and trust. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.


Tonia Cunningham