Early Intervention Newsletter

A message from Mrs. Kostka

First grade early intervention classes are off to a wonderful start. I am truly enjoying my time working with your child and supporting them with reading. All of the students are full of positive energy and demonstrate enthusiasm towards reading. I look forward to continue working with your child and seeing their growth as a reader and learner throughout the year. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I hope we can have a strong partnership throughout the year to enhance your child's learning experience.


Mary Kostka

How to Support your Child at Home

  • Every day during reading instruction we review the alphabet linking chart. We review the letter, sound, and picture/word. Repeated practice at home with this chart will help your child associate the relationship between letters and sounds.

  • Also remember to read the Take Home Books that I send home each night and encourage your child to refer to the alphabet linking chart when he or she is having trouble with a word. You can also have discussions about the book to build and monitor your child's comprehension.

  • There is computer based reading program called Lexia or if you have an iPad you can download the free app (called “Core5”). Your child's login information will be there student ID number and the password is "password".

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