labor unions

labor unions are an organized association of workers ,often in a trade or profession,formed to protect and further their rights and interest. they were also formed to promote collective bargaining with employers over wages, hours,fringe benefits, jog security, and working conditions. I am proud about this because I feel that if you want people to work hard they have to be in a comfortable and place where they like to come to work everyday. My evidence a picture of the works standing together as one.
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The Bessemer method for processing steel is invented Jan. 1855

Henry Bessemer was the inventor of this method of making steel out of iron. Having a way to make steel quickly and cheaply helps everyone out. This method lead to the production of railroads and buildings with expanded cities greatly.I'm definitely proud of this accomplishment because it is what caused America to expanded and progress to what it is today.My evidence is a picture of the Bessemer converter which was the very machine he invented to turn iron into steel.
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Social Darwinism

Social Darwinism that emerged from the UK, North America, and Western European the 1870s. It is ideology of society that seeks to apply biological concepts of Darwinism. This theory states that the superior groups out compete the inferior ones. As suggested in the saying "survival of the fittest". Only here it is applies to sociology and politics. I am not in some ways very proud of this theory only because it was taking way to far in some parts of history example(Adolf Hitler) he believed that there was a superior race and took action in getting rid of the so called(unwanted race). But also one could argue that another effect of it was natural selection and evolution, so It could go either way. My evidence is a cartoon of a lion with a lot of money behind him and all the power roaring at a small mouse with nothing to call his.
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