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Home of the Northern Knights- Staff Bulletin, October 17-21

Weekly Calendar- School Violence Awareness Week

Monday, October 17th:

3:00pm: PD Faculty Mtg, Rooms/Topics Assigned Below

7:00pm: Parent U. presents "The First Year of College" @HSS Theater

Tuesday, October 18th:

7:30pm: BOE Meeting @ COA Multipurpose Room

Wednesday, October 19th:

7:40-11:30am: PSAT

6:00pm: College Fair @HSS

Thursday, October 20th:

Friday, October 21st:

Saturday, October 22nd:

8:00am-1:30pm: Post-Prom Clothing Drive @ HSN Loading Dock

PD Faculty Meeting: Topics & Room Assignments

Remember to sign-in/take attendance and place this information in my mailbox in the main office at the end of the meeting.

1. Increasing Accountability in Small Group Work...Rm. 210

2. Group Leadership Training (developing guidance groups)...Guidance Conf. Room

3. Google Suite Share...Library

4. College Recommendations- Techniques, Tips & Strategies...Rm. 115

5. SGO Writing for Special Education...Rm. 101

6. Grading Profiles & the Collins Writing Program...Rm. A-102

7. Science Safety Training & Certification...Rm. 306

8. Physics Curriculum...Rm. 213

9. Epi-Pen Training...Main Office Conference Room

10. Solar Eclipses- Where they are & how to prepare...Rm. 215

11. Team Building- Tower Climb...Gym (Please make sure to RSVP to Tammy Petrocelli as space will be limited). Participants should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers

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"The Most Important Skills of Tomorrow, According to Five Global Leaders"- By Stephanie Thomson, The World Economic Forum

The world of work is changing faster and more drastically than at perhaps any other time in recent history. According to research from the World Economic Forum, 35% of the skills necessary to thrive in a job today will be different five years from now.

How can we prepare for a workplace of the future if we’re not quite sure what it will look like? What skills or expertise should students focus on acquiring today if they want to succeed tomorrow? We spoke with five experts from the Forum’s Young Global Leaders community to get their opinion.

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"3 Reasons to Encourage Playing Multiple Sports" by James Leath

There are lessons learned by playing multiple sports as a child that increase an athlete’s ability to perform in other sports. You hear people talk about a “natural athlete”, but nature played a small role in the development of that athlete. There is a good chance that athlete has experience challenging his or her mind and body in other sports during youth. Current athletic stars like...
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Congrats to Boys' Soccer! North scores with 1:45 left in double OT to beat Notre Dame! Way to get it done on Senior Night!