SxSWEdu Conference 2015

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Project Based Learning

One of the two strands that I attended workshops on was Project Based Learning. The Buck Institute was at SxSWEdu to talk about the new Gold Standard that they were about to release. The presenters at the sessions discussed the need for rigor and depth in lesson planning. We worked in groups to create the different components of the PBL planner and to reflect on what was done well and ways to improve current planners. The presenters even talked about how similar what they were doing was to IB units and UbD units.

This is a great video that explains PBL. You can visit the BIE YouTube channel to see examples and learn more about PBL.

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The other strand that I attended was on MakerSpaces. What is a MakerSpace? It is a location where students/people can explore, problem solve and learn to be creative. At schools they are located in libraries, cleaned out storage closets, empty classrooms or any other available space. The focus in a MakerSpace can be STEM or STEAM (STEM with Arts included). They do take some planning before beginning on how they are funded and how supplies are stored. But, they are a great way to help students learn how to be creative and how to solve problems.

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