Gabilan Elementary School

September 5-16, 2022

GABILAN’S FOCUS FOR THE YEAR: CFAs (Common Formative Assessments) (LCAP Goal 2):

One mission that we have this year is that we fully employ the use of grade level created common formative assessments that are based on the essential standard that is being taught in the classroom. These common formative assessments will be created in the grade level meeting, have an alternate version, be given on the same day in all classes in the grade level, analyzed and discussed in grade level meetings the next day. Teachers will determine if their assessment had any questions that need to be weeded out, evaluate who exactly got what question right, who got what question wrong and what interventions each student needs based on each student’s question by question answers. A plan for reteaching/intervention will result at the end of the grade level meeting. As great as assessments are, it truly is their meaning and what we do with them that matters. It does no good to assess a student if we do not do anything with the answers in a timely and effective manner. Ideally, interventions will take place in small groups the next day and/or skills will be retaught asap. If we wait days (or weeks) to respond to the assessment, we are losing not only instructional time but value in the assessment results as well. Team, I encourage you at your grade level meetings to be vulnerable to this process. Create assessments together that are 5-8 questions long (including ranges of depth of knowledge), decide to give them on the same day as a grade level, correct and evaluate the assessment and dig deep into which students got it and which do not. Then in that same meeting when you analyze how students did, commit to a plan to intervene. This truly is the most effective way to impact instruction and we all have the power to do so! I am happy to join your grade level meetings at any time to dig deeper into this with you and will be floating through your Wednesday afternoon meetings to dive deep into this all year! Please don’t hesitate to reach out should you wish to plan this together!

In the Classroom (LCAP Goal 2):

I have been making a point to get into classrooms on a daily basis. It is wonderful to see student’s able to share their learning targets, see instruction in action and see all the wonderful learning happening! It truly is an absolute joyful part of my day to see our essential standards being taught and all our team’s hard work!

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Back To School Night (LCAP Goal 4):

Back to School Night had an incredibly large turnout and was a success! Parents and families were excited to see and be part of the classroom! We enjoyed showing our families around and familiarizing them with our practices in classrooms!

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Fun Friday (LCAP Goal 3):

This past week we held our first Fun Friday. Students enjoyed celebrating good behavior by participating in our school wide bonding activity where they are able to take part in activities hosted by our teachers! Kids raved about how excited they were to participate!

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Greenfield Science Workshop (LCAP Goal 2):

Greenfield Science Workshop is back in action this year! They hosted 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classes this week and will be back on a monthly basis to help educate our scholars on NGSS! Students and teachers alike shared how much they enjoyed it!

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MCBH & Harmony at Home Bully Prevention (LCAP Goal 3):

This week, we walked classrooms with Ms. Campos from Monterey County Behavioral Health and Mr. Nate from Harmony at Home’s Bully Prevention in an effort to introduce them to teachers and students. They both will be on campus every Tuesday. Please view short videos of what they will be doing on our campus here:
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Today was Crazy Hair Day to show school spirit.
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Kudos (LCAP Goal 5):

  • Kudos to all staff who made back to school night a possibility!
  • Kudos to our cafeteria team keeping our scholars fed and happy on the daily! You are so very valued and take care of us all!
  • Kudos to our office team for being so flexible and kind! We are so lucky to have an office team who is always willing to go the extra mile for students, staff and families

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