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Conscious Discipline

The Child Development Centers practice Conscious Discipline which means our goal is to meet all of your child's needs, from academic learning to social-emotional growth. Along with safety and connection, problem-solving is another key area we focus on at the Child Development Centers through the implementation of Conscious Discipline.

Problem-Solving: When we feel both safe and connected, the brain is able to devote all of its energy to learning and solving problems. Our goal is always to create a safe and connected environment first because we know this enables children to thrive, whether they are learning social and emotional skills, learning school readiness skills or simply learning to talk.

Each year brings wonderful new opportunities for our children to grow and learn, and Conscious Discipline provides us with proven ways to increase every child's learning potential.

Free Flu/COVID Testing Available for GCS Students

Please remember if your child is sick please DO NOT send them to school. The district is also offering, FREE drive-through testing for both Flu and Covid-19 at three locations. GCS students, employees, and their household contacts can get tested. Results will be provided in approximately 1 hour. An important change from last year: parents are responsible for reporting any positive results directly to the school. DHEC has again contracted Mako Medical to administer the testing, and the three sites are the same as last year: Fountain Inn High School, MT Anderson Support Center, and Northside Park. All of the information has been updated on the GCS website, which includes flyers in both English and Spanish.

If your child tests positive for the flu or COVID, please DO NOT send them to school and give us a call; we can walk you through the necessary next steps. Thank you for your cooperation in helping to provide a safe and healthy learning environment at the Child Development Centers.

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