English 2 Resources

Instructional Strategies for Your Classroom

Discovery Education has a section called S.O.S (Spotlight on Strategies). SOS highlights instructional strategies you can use in your classroom and includes a video and PDF handout with instructions on how to implement these strategies with students.

Discovery Ed SOS

Docs Teach

  • Bring history and documents to life for your students
  • Find ready-to-use tools for teaching with documents in the classrooms
  • Thousands of primary sources selected from the National Archives

Library of Congress

  • Find a variety of primary resources through the Library of Congress.
  • Digital Collections
  • Prints & Photographs
  • Historic Newspapers
  • Performing Arts
  • Veterans History
  • Sound Recordings
  • Film
  • Maps
  • Manuscripts

The Constitution of the US (National Archives Experience - Digital Vaults)

  • This resource provides documents, pictures, and other resources related to the Constitution of the United States.
  • Teachers/Students can also access other "related" resources to build a deeper understanding of themes presented throughout the constitution.

National Archives Experience/Digital Vaults

  • Pathways Challenge: A series of clues that reveals relationships between photographs, documents, and other records.

A Chronology of US Historical Documents

  • US Documents are grouped by time periods.
  • Links allow you to view the document.

NCWiseOwl Primary Source Website

  • If you cannot remember the password for NCWiseOwl, email Mrs. Furr or Mrs. Parker