compare and contrast

by:Joan Santos

Uncle Pio

  • live in different place with different problems and different perspectives when looking at each others problems, can only talk for whats his and for the people he loves.
  • more mature than me and can give some wise advice for the people that are in need or have gone thru a bad path during their past.
  • he wants to become a movie director to make a name for himself and he thinks he will accomplish that by preparing and training Camila so that she could use her talent to the fullest and do good things.


  • somethings me and Uncle Pio have in common is that we are truthful people and can't be unhappy no matter.
  • we are caring to the ones we love and will protect them at any cost.
  • we are determined to reach our at any cost even if obstacles are thrown in our paths.
  • don't judge people by the way they look, because you don't know their past what they've gone thru.


  • have to be in the same problem in order to make a decision that could either cause more disruption or can solve the problem.
  • I don't feel comfortable around people that i don't know unless i get to know them then i can i can feel good, its like the first day of school no one knows new people but their friends and when you don't got friends in any of your classes you gotta make new friends to get use to the school.
  • ever since i was a little kid i wanted to be a cop to do good things in the world and because i want to protecting every single person.