Fishers YMCA Camps

On Site Fishers Camps- Week 3 June 15-19


Welcome to the Fishers YMCA Camps! We are all so excited to share our summer fun with your camper(s). We are piloting a new system and are SO excited! This summer we are incorporating STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math), Outdoor Educations, Archery, Arts and Crafts, and Literacy into our Camp experience. Please bare with us as we make this amazing transformation!

Please call the site phone connected with your childs camp if you have any questions!

Every Day

Hello Families!! Every day please pack the following items:

  • 2 Snacks
  • 1 Lunch
  • 1 Refillable Water Bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Swim Suit (On Swim Days)
  • Towel (On Swim Days)
  • Extra Clothes in a Zip lock Bag (accidents happen, mud happens)
  • Zip lock Bag for wet clothing
  • Please label your campers belongings
  • We encourage proper shoes for camp- close toed shoes such as tennis shoes
  • PLEASE DRESS APPROPRIATELY FOR THE WEATHER! :) It is cold in the morning!

When does my camper swim?

Micro Mudsock Preschool (Ages 3-5) swims at the Splash Pad Tuesday through Friday at 9 AM!

Mini Mudsock (Ages 5-6) swims Tuesday and Thursday 11-11:50

Mega Mudsock (Ages 7-8) swims Monday and Friday 1-1:50

THE Mudsock (ages 9-11) swims Tuesday and Friday 2-2:50

Enrichment swims Monday and Wednesday 12-12:50

Teen Camp swims everyday from 1-2 in the outdoor pool

LIT/ CIT- swims Thursday from 2-3 in the outdoor pool

Drop off and Pick Up

  • Drop off starts at 6:30 AM at the back entrance (old Teen Center)
  • A Picture ID is REQUIRED by ANYONE who is picking up your child
  • If you are using the CURB SIDE drop off, please stay in your vehicle and wait to pull up to the person with the clipboard. It is safer for campers to stay in the vehicle rather than walk around moving vehicles.
  • Your child may not be picked up by anyone who is not on the pickup list
  • The person who registered the child for camp is the ONLY person who can make pickup changes
  • Your child must be picked up by 6 PM or you will be charged $1 per minute for every child and minute after 6 PM


Each Week Camps will have a Cookout from 12-12:30 at Friendship Circle (2nd entrance to the woods). Please come check in at the parent table prior to entering the woods!

Mini Mudsock Cookout is on Friday

Mega Mudsock Cookout is on Thursday

THE Mudsock Cookout is on Wednesday

If the last name starts with:

A-F Fruit Cups

G-M- Hot Dogs

N-R- Hot Dog Buns

S-W- Chips

X-Z- Spoons/ Forks

Micro Mudsock Preschool Camp Ages 3-5- Director Mallory

This week in Micro Mudsock we are going to become SUPERHEROES! We will be making superhero masks, cuffs, and capes, playing Spiderman Says, and going on plenty of adventures! We will also be having a dress-up day on Friday for campers to wear their favorite superhero costume! We can’t wait to see you for our SUPER week!

-Mallory (Site Director)
(317) 371-9455

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)- Director Mallory

In Mudsock camps this week, we will be doing a variety of activities. On STEM day 1 we will be learning how to make water float and learning about momentum. On STEM day 2, we are going to play a card game, Sequence, and learn about what happens when vinegar and baking soda are combined! For engineering this week, we will be working as a team to find a way to stack cups without using our hands to touch the cups!

-Mallory (Site Director)

Arts and Crafts- Director Ashlee

For Arts & Crafts this week, Mudsock will be using their imagination with Q-tips and paint. They will be making their own Dot Art. They will also be making a favorite summer time snack, a giant paper popsicle.


Literacy- Director Ashlee

Mudsock will have a fun and active time in Literacy this week. We will enjoy reading exciting books with activities, rhymes, songs, and dance.


Outdoor Education- Director Dean

Welcome to week 3! This week in outdoor education we are learning all about how to build shelters in the wilderness. We also have a cookout Wednesday at 12:00 and we would really appreciate it if you brought some things for it. we swim on Tuesday and Friday so make sure your child has swim wear and a towel. CANT WAIT FOR YOUR CHILD TO BE HERE!

Director Dean


Teen Camp- Director Marsha

Welcome to Week 3. On Wednesday this week we will be learning a little rhythm at Bongo Boy drumming! We'll form a drum circle with instructions from a member of the Bongo Boy staff. Everyone is surprised at the work out they get from drumming. We will be walking to Holland Park on Tuesday and Thursday to play sports. We will swim everyday at the outdoor pool and do a TON of the traditional camp activities.

Director Marsha


Enrichment- Junior Lifeguard - Director Liz

Hello Campers! Welcome to Junior Lifeguard camp! This week we will be learning the different skills lifeguards use to help keep us safe at the pool. NOTE: Campers will NOT be certified lifeguards after this camp. You will need to bring your swimsuit and towel everyday for this camp. We will also be making nautical themed crafts throughout the week. We are excited to learn about lifeguarding with you! My site phone number is 317-372-3695 if you have any questions through out the week do not hesitate to ask.


LIT/CIT- Director Liz

Welcome to LIT/CIT camp! This week you will be spending your mornings going through leadership and team building activities that teach the key attributes of a leader. In the afternoons you will be placed in a camp to experience what it is like to be a counselor! My site phone number is 317-372-3695 if you have any questions throughout the week do not hesitate to ask.

Program Director and Camp Coordinators and Site Directors

Brian Shelley- Program Director 317-558-3218

Katie Mitchell- Camp Coordinator 317-697-8572

Courtney Collins- Camp Coordinator 317-371-2352

Micro and Mini Mudsock Director- Mallory 317-371-9455

Mega Mudsock Director- Ashlee 317-372-3695

THE Mudsock Director- Dean 317-371-9455

Teen Director- Marsha 317-626-1445

Enrichment, LIT/CIT Director- Liz 317-372-3695