by Elizabeth Rowe and Melissa Sample


Amoebas are very interesting. Amoebas use pseudopods to move, which is also known as a false foot. They eat their food by stretching out their psudopods and sucking up their food. How cool is that! They are also asexual which means they can reproduce all by themselves. An interesting fact about an amoeba is that they have no mouth! So, are you wondering where they live? Fresh water!
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A volvox is a very unique protist! An interesting fact about volvox is that they team up in groups of 500 to 60,000. This is the only protist that is sexual, which means it it does need a partner to reproduce. It uses its flagellum to move, which is similar to a tail! To make its food, it uses photosynthesis. This protist also lives in fresh water!
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A euglena is the only protist that lives in fresh water AND brackish water! How unique! Like a volvox, a euglena also uses its flagellum to move. It also produces its food by using photosynthesis. But, unlike a volvox, a euglena is asexual, which means it does not need a partner to reproduce. An interesting fact about a euglena is that they can detect nearby light!
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A paramecium, unlike any other protist, uses its cilia to move. Also, unlike any other protist, it brings its food into its oral groove. But, like a few of the other protists, a paramecium is asexual. An interesting fact about a paramecium is that it has two nulei! A paramecium lives in fresh water.
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