Three Blind Mice Crime

Never heard before crime

Three Blind Mice

There were three blind mice running around. They all ran after the farmer's wife, which was referred to Queen Mary I. Mary was a Catholic who violently persecuted Protestants. The "farmer's wife" refers to the massive estates she had. The "three blind mice" represent three noblemen who were faithful to the Protestant faith, which was there blindness in the rhyme.The three were convicted of plotting against the Queen. All three were arrested for felony. The indictment was made by a grand jury and presented to a court for prosecution against the accused person.They were told the indictment after brought to the arraignment.The subpoena ordered to produce a witness.The three men were appointed a public defender,due to inability to pay their own defense. The judge heard what the public defender had to say. The defendant's were to be bailed out but a plea bargain had struck between the defendant's lawyer and the prosecutor. The petit jury had determined that the three men were guilty for plotting against the Queen. This all had happened because of a simple perjury that hadn't been told at the beginning. The jury had made its verdict. The appeal was the last step that could save the three men.