Showcasing the Pride of Methacton

February 2020

Feature of the Month: Methacton Basketball Program

As part of our monthly “Showcasing the Pride of Methacton” newsletter, the Methacton School District is pleased to feature the Basketball Program in this February edition.

Methacton students have access to a host of enriching academic and activity-based learning opportunities that include 24 high school honors courses, 24 Advanced Placement courses, 11 Dual Enrollment courses, 25 PIAA Athletic programs, and over 100 clubs and activities.

While the Methacton School District has long enjoyed a tradition of excellence in education, we have equally experienced success in athletics and activities. Our students have demonstrated outstanding individual and team accomplishments at every level and in each program including Band, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Diving, Swimming, Wrestling, Baseball, Lacrosse, Softball, and Track. To share a prominent example of our strong student achievement in athletics and activities, we look to the Lady Warriors and Men’s basketball programs.
The success of these teams is indicative our students’ competitive spirit and the support that they get from teachers, coaches, fellow students (AKA – The TRIBE), parents and our community. This month’s Showcasing Pride of Methacton video highlights the very essence of how these two teams have developed and sustained a tradition of winning, team building, and resiliency to make our students strong and our school district proud. While we will be highlighting other athletic and activities in future Showcase editions, this video highlights Craig Kaminski’s (Lady Warriors Head Coach) and Jeff Derstine’s (Men’s Head Coach) commitment to teaching life lessons through the game of basketball.