Newtons Laws

By: Ivonne Mata

Law of inertia (1st law of motion)-

Every object in motion will stay in motion or an object will stay at rest unless acted upon an unbalanced force.

Force= mass x acceleration (2nd law)-

The force acting on an object is equal to the mass of that object times its acceleration.

F= MxA

Newtons third law -

States that for every action there is a equal and oppisite reaction.

Do newtons laws exist in isolation or do they depend on one another?

They depend on one another. Like lets say you are pushing a table,

1st law- the table is sitting still until a force is acted upon it such as your force

2nd law- that table has a mass of 5g and you put a force of 45N which made the table move with an acceleration of 9.

3rd law- you pushed the table forward which made it have an equal reaction making it move also forward.