2MU News

Week of January 12, 2015

Hello 2Mu Parents and Guardians!

I hope you had a great week...2MU certainly did. Here are some highlights from our week!


  • We read Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type...the children loved this story!
  • The children learned how to infer and predict in order to draw conclusions.
  • We played Kahoot to review vocabulary, reading comprehension skills, phonics, and grammar.


  • We learned about geometric 3D shapes~ naming edges, sides, faces, and vertices.
  • As a class, we made square pyramids using straws and baggie ties.
  • The children worked with a partner to make either a triangular, rectangular, pentagonal, or hexagonal pyramid.


  • The children had a chance to create their own roller coaster and then write an informational story describing their roller coaster using their "expert" scientific terms we have been learning.
  • We began to plan out our informational books by writing a story across our fingers, sketching a book layout, and creating a table of contents.
  • The students chose one of their informational book chapters and began to write their text.


  • We are learning all about Owls
  • We viewed videos to learn more about their habitat, appearance, prey, location...stay tuned for more interesting Owl facts.
  • During computers, the children researched owls using the website Enchanted Learning~ dictionary section.
  • The children watched a video of the book Owl Moon and then created a scene from Owl Moon using construction paper, scissors, and glue. The did a great job!

Social Studies

  • We learned about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Special Activity

  • On Thursday, we had a Pretzel Party compliments of the PTA~ our reward for winning the Barnes & Nobles Poster Contest! Way to go 2MU

Creating Square Pyramids During Math

Creating Construction Paper Owl Moon Scenes

Playing Kahoot to Review Language Arts Lessons Learned This Week

Creating Various Pyramids

Working together to make triangular, rectangular, pentagonal, and hexagonal pyramids. We then compared the number of edges, faces, and vertices for each pyramid. We learned the number of edges is double the number of the shapes sides, the number of faces equals the number of the shapes sides plus 1, and the number of vertices follows the same formula as finding the number of faces.

Star Student of the Week~Sam Luecke