MONTANA vs monsanto

3.11.14 - Monsanto wins "Round One" - Legality Questioned.


Tuesday, March 11th 2014 at 9:30am

Great Falls, Montana, United States

* CALL TO ACTION: See "AFTER THE VOTE" (scroll down)

3.12 - KRTV newscast on commission 2-1 vote here:

BRIGGS & SALINA IGNORE OVER 500 CITIZENS WHO POINTED *ONLY* TO ZONING CODE & COMMISSION GOALS IN REFUTES - (*None* of those spoke one word about Monsanto.) Thank Weber for sticking up for the families & established "BUFFER ZONE" with her NO vote.

NEWS ARTICLE - Delivery of Over 500 Signature Petitions

Commissioner Salina told 3.4.14 delivery team about previously received letters, "We have received a few letters in favor of the zoning and a tremendous amount against it."
in 7 pages of refutes in submitted community protest of rezoning of Stuckey. Briggs disregards over 500 concerned constituents.



ISSUE RECAP: See section "Round #1 Goes to Monsanto"

POST-VOTE ACTION DETAILS: See "3.11 After the Vote"
Cascade County Commissioners

Jane Weber - (406) 454-6814
"Thank Jane" for sticking up for families, buffer zone & law.
CHASTISE Briggs & Salina for selling-out MT Values

Joe Briggs, Chairman - (406) 454-6815

Bill Salina - (406) 454-6816

3.11 - AFTER the VOTE: Call commissioners & property owners (details below.)

Something fishy/sheepy/wolfy is going on with Monsanto in the Rocky Mountain Golden Triangle of Montana.

    keep the pressure up to reverse the 2 commissioner's votes.

    WHAT: Continue to call & email commissioners & owners.
    Send letters (opinions) to the editor to the Great Falls Tribune.

    WHEN: Until the decision is reversed.

    1) To protect brain-injured girl
    from being exposed to hazardous chemicals only 30 feet from her home (see pix below.) Help residential property owners.

    2) To stop Monsanto from getting lease property to begin open air wheat testing. Organic farmers are very concerned about contamination of their crops (more info towards bottom.) If we slow Monsanto down, it will hinder their WHEAT BREEDING (see near page bottom) test plans for spring and we have more time to expose their lies.

    1) Joe Briggs - (406) 454-6815

    2) Bill Salina - (406) 454-6816

    THANK Jane for voting against the rezoning!
    3) Jane Weber - (406) 454-6814

    Messages: Bonnie Fogerty - (406) 454-6810
    Call & Email 2 Naughty Commissioners... say:

    Hi, I am just calling to express my shock and dismay that you voted for the passage of the re-zoning for 1511 Stuckey. Not only did you disregard over 500 signature protest letters to the re-zoning, but you failed to follow your own guidelines and the state laws regarding public notice. Just WHO are you working for because it is evident you are NOT working for the PEOPLE. Cascade County tax-payers do NOT want to pay for a law suit of which 2 voters are responsible. Cease & Desist. RESCIND your vote now!" Again, I am asking that you reverse your vote. We will not stop until you do. That's all."

    [You don't need to say where you are from.]

    * BRIGGS & SALINA Vote "for" re-zoning to "light industrial.
    By disregarding state codes, commission goals and common sense, these two are now personally responsible for opening current and future residents to unknown hazardous chemicals and tax payers to an expensive law suit.

    * Commission disregard the safety of families who live 30 ft. away.
    There is no over-site of what actually happens on that property and no way to really know the type or quantity of chemicals on site. Commissioners did not ask for disclosure of chemicals or the evidence of an emergency plan in the event of chemical fires, spills, etc. Chemical company Monsanto can change how much and what kind of chemicals they keep/use on the premises. Any future company at that site has free reign as well. Commissioners say that only after an accident, children get sick, etc. is there anything that can be done, and commissioners have nothing to do with it at that point. By then, it is the burden of the families to hire an attorney, contact the DEQ, EPA, etc.

    * Commission created immediate loss of property value to residents.
    Rezoning to “industrial” causes a significant drop in the market value of the families adjoining properties and to property zoned for future residences.

    * Why DESTROY the established BUFFER ZONE
    to make an acceptation for Monsanto? By changing 1511 Stuckey from "commercial" to "residential" the commissioners just caused the neighboring and adjoining home-owners property values decrease. Would you want to buy a home to raise your children right next to an industrial zoned property? 3.11.14 Briggs stated that zoning i

    * 3.11.14 Briggs stated that it was "in direction of the zoning"
    Briggs let the cat out of the bag. It is seems evident that they are purposefully driving down surrounding property prices to dissuade future residential owners. This is how MONSANTO works. They have done this to farmers as well.

    * Why was this "commercially zoned property so important to lease?
    Instead of suggesting Monsanto find an already industrial zoned building to lease in one of many industrial parks around Great Falls, they were willing to destroy a "buffer zone" between industrial and families, lower surrounding residents' property values, expose families 30 feet away on both sides to future unknown chemicals. This makes NO sense. 3.11 Briggs was reported on newscast as stating, "It makes common sense." What is really behind this? Follow the money... connect the dots.

    * Why not simply send a certified letter or pick up the phone can call?
    "A good neighbor gives notice. An elected official should give proper, lawful notice,especially if they are looking out for the people they serve: law-abiding constituents. I was given no notice by mail; no notice by neighborhood signs, (a mistake the state says is unlawful.) Posting 4/5 of the notices (minimum required) within 500ft. of the commission and another nine blocks farther, is not the intent of our law." - 65 yrs old veteran & resident of property 30 feet from Monsanto building

    * Is There a Political/Religious Connection?
    There is speculation that this "deal" has been arranged amongst these men due to connections with members of the same church. (West Bred-Monsanto is said to now based in Idaho Falls and Twin Falls; the realtor, Janetsky, was raised in the Mormon church. Updates will be given as more unfolds. Any tips are appreciated.)

    Property owners (Birky & Janetsky) of 1511 Stuckey were eager to turn the
    ONLY property (1 acre?) on that side of the road (WAS A BUFFER ZONE BETWEEN INDUSTRIAL & RESIDENTIAL) into L-1 Industrial zoning. Why? all for sake of lining their pockets with dirty Monsanto money? These two men were willing to "sell their soles" to Monsanto instead of upholding long-time, upstanding Montana good neighbor values. This is the epitome of greed, and NOT tolerated in Montana.

    They are showing NO concern for the families' health & safety or property values. There "industrial parks" already zoned for hazardous chemicals around Great Falls: Why push in on this 1 acre spot in the middle of family homes?

    owns farms, Janetksy is a realtor; both knowledgeable of property worth.


    Call them
    and ask them to ask them what happened to their Montana values? Do transnational corporate sell-outs deserve doing business in Montana?

  • OWNER #1 - REALTOR -

    Lee B. Janetski
    Russell Country Realty
    (406) 727-7100 Office
    PO BOX 2625
    GREAT FALLS, MT 59403-2625


    Amos J Birky
    Fairfield, MT 59436
    (406) 467-2250

    Amos Birky
    Choteau, MT 59422
    Phone: (406) 781-1238
    (406) 467-2110

Round #1 goes to Monsanto. Legality of commission actions under scrutiny.

Something fishy/sheepy/wolfy is going on with Monsanto in the Rocky Mountain Golden Triangle of Montana.


Jan. 28 - Monsanto is Drug Out of the Shadows
By happenstance, to Monsanto's chagrin, Montana became aware that the notorious chemical company (now also bio-tech) Monsanto, was planning to establish a WHEAT BREEDING facility in the Great Falls area (articles at bottom.)

Monsanto Propaganda Begins to Fill the Media
Farmers and farmers' unions sold-out (under contract?) to the past-promises (of the B$G Industrial ag/biotech/chemical transnational corporations) begin repeating well-crafted messages meant to persuade the trusting public, just as snake oil salesmen of past.
(Articles below.)

Commission Staff: Is it time to find hired servants of the "People" who do their job & look out for the people? How many times has this happened in the past?
Susan Conell, planning director of Cascade County, is the first line of "defense for the people" regarding zoning issues. Her staff and her were the ones who should have pointed out to the commissioners ALL the problems with the re-zoning request of 1511 Stuckey Rd. Instead, Conell seems to have ill-informed or misinformed the commissioners. Conell also blamed a series of "oddities" in documentation and communications regarding 1511 (i.e.public notice, state code law, etc.) on the "Administrative Assistant" after discrepancies, errors and "eye-brow raisers" were pointed out.

Commission Bias
Early on, Susan Conell , informed concerned citizens the issue was pretty much a "done deal" and they were waiting for the earliest date to finalize the vote. Conell maintained that citizens had plenty of notice this was happening and they simply had not shown concern. Commissioners acted as if their hands are tied: "If it was a barking dog, we could do something about it." This discouraged citizens, leaving them to believe there was nothing more they could do.

Conell not only has shown severe bias in favor of Monsanto's request, but uttered words that sounded like typical "Monsanto PRO-propaganda." Besides clear bias, Conell has been evasive, unclear, and confusing (obfuscating) the details of the process and public rights around the re-zoning process.

Previous to the vote, all three commissioners spoke as though they had been brainwashed on this issue. The points mentioned on this page and in the refutes were brushed aside as though they were never mentioned. (Citizen refutes to proposal: )

Commission Obfuscation of Citizens All Along
Conell gave four different "official protest letter" deadline dates to citizens (in order: Mar. 2; Feb. 28, Feb. 27, Mar. 4.) When the Mar. 4th date was published in the local paper, citizens asked for written clarification from the planning office. An email was received from Don Sims which again stated the deadline was Feb. 27. Two hours after that email was written, the Tribune staff called the commissions' office and affirmed the March 4th date. After the Tribune call, within 30 min., Conell then gave public who called, the Mar. 4th date.
Conell: 406-454-6905

March 4 - Over 500 Letters of Opposition Mean Nothing to 2 Commissioners
Concerned citizens submitted at least 500 signature letters of protest to Commissioner Briggs. That does not include those emailed or sent in prior, which Commissioner Briggs described as a "tremendous amount." An additional 300 signatures of "Support for Great Falls Concerned Citizens" were also faxed to Conell's office via Flathead Valley Against GMO Food." Those letters were reported in the news as "one letter" from Kalispell.

March 11 - Briggs & Salina Approve Rezoning; Turn Backs on Families & Duty
Watch news cast here.

March 12 ff - ROUND #2 Begins (Call & Email Comms & Landowners now. Write letters to the editor. Organize your friends & neighbors. More details for next steps soon.)

Click red button to JOIN to receive event updates. Get event link here:

Reasons why commissioners must RESCIND approval for hazardous chemicals in BUFFER ZONE



* 7 pages with 18 Solid REFUTES - why NOT to approve:

* Zoning Criteria not met:

Planning staff has mislead public repeatedly: given misinformation (at least 3 wrong due dates for protest letters; wrong accounting of public notification details; wrong state code references, misrepresentation of total protest letters submitted, and corporate bias.

* Records show commissioners did not follow proper state code law process for legal public notice.

* Only because this issue came up did the adjoining residents recently learn that their properties have been rezoned from residential to "commercial only." This was done without proper state code law process for public notification. This is unacceptable.

* Passage of L-! zoning causes residents' land values to decrease, yet again
causing “a substantial and measurable decline” in the market value of their property. Generally, land that is zoned industrial may be worth significantly less than land zoned for residential use, which in turn may be valued less than property for commercial use.

* Monsanto (notorious chemical company) has NOT disclosed the kinds or amounts
of hazardous chemicals to be stored/used 30 feet from family. No safety plans in place.

* Two schools & two parks are within a two mile radius.

* Commissioners tell concerned citizens, "It's none of your business."

* Family & tax payers should not have the burden of legal battle.


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