JULY, 1948

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berlin gets bombed in a very sweet way

the man who started it all

Halvorsen said the idea of dropping candy came to him after he had met a group of German children outside the fence of Tempelhof Airport, the terminal for Operation Vittles."They spoke with me for about an hour, and gave me a real appreciation for freedom," he said.Turning to leave, he suddenly realized that the children unlike youngsters in other countries in war-torn Europe, had not asked him for any candy or gum. They were so grateful for the shipments of food, he said, "They wouldn't lower themselves to being a beggar. That just blew my mind."He fished in his pocket and found two sticks of gum. Those he broke in half and gave to four of the children, while the others were happy to simply sniff the wrapper, he said.The idea then came to him.

uncle wiggly wings

Wanting to give more, he promised to drop more candy from his plane the next day. Because the planes would arrive nearly every three minutes, the children naturally couldn't distinguish his C-54 aircraft from the others. Halvorsen promised to wiggle the wings to identify himself, which led to his nickname Uncle Wiggly Wings the crowds of children grew larger with each trip, and "Operation Little Vittles" was born.

Halvorsen began his drops by asking his buddies to donate their personal candy rations, rations that were as valuable as currency in Germany. Not asking permission of his superiors, Halvorsen started his candy drops, using handkerchiefs to make parachutes in order to drop the candy in small packages. Soon mail began to pour in calling him nicknames like Uncle Wiggly Wings and Chocolate Pilot, and Halvorsen's superiors discovered his secret. Halvorsen was sure his candy dropping days were over.

the day after what they thought was there last a new job, the commanding officer are summoned Halvorsen to his office. "When the world have you been doing, you almost hit reporter in the head with a candy bar in Berlin yesterday!"Halvorsen thought that his flying days might be over.then officer Haun said" the general called me with congratulations, I didn't know anything about it. Why didn't you tell me?"

The reporter had nicknames that a need jobs "operations little vittles" in praise the pilots efforts. Apparently the U.S. Air force will of the publicity, because lieutenant Halvorsen was ordered to appear at an upcoming international press conference. The officer was only upset that Gerald Tunner had caught him off guard." Keep flying" he told Halvorsen" keep dropping in keep me informed".



The Deusche Mark was the official currency in 1948


City in Germany split in 3 after World War 2

Tempelhof Airport

The terminal for Operation Vittles

commanding officer

Colonal Haun


valuable as currency

Its true about sweets being worth more than money.a soldier needing a load of laundry done could have it done for free just for a hafe a stick of gum


Candy Bombers the story of Burlins "chocolate Pilot"

by Michal o. Tunnel